Meet the Characters

  Tea Egg!

Tea Egg’s Story

Hi I’m Cute Tea Egg! I am a Tea Egg originating from China. Tea eggs are savory food commonly eaten as snacks. Tea Eggs are prepared by first boiling an egg, cracking the egg, then boiling the egg again in tea, sauce, and spices. Tea Eggs are commonly sold by street vendors and night markets.

Tea Egg likes to travel and meeting new friends. Tea Egg also likes to learn new skills.

Meet the Stink

Hello everyone! I am Stinky Tofu. I am a stinky tofu and I originate from different parts of Asia, such as China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Stinky Tofu are commonly sold be street vendors and night markets! You might be wondering how I got my name, but it is no secret, since stinky tofus often a very strong odor! Stinky Tofus go through a long fermentation process that gives them their unique taste and smell!

Despite Stinky Tofu’s Stink, stinky tofu tries to be the best and despite its "Stinkiness".


Soft and Sweet

Hiya, I’m Pudding!. I am a pudding that is enjoyed in all parts of the world! In Taiwan, pudding is sold in various small containers that you can buy in any store! What type of pudding is popular in your country?

I’m a fellow Foodtuber, and I felt dark brown was boring so I dyed my top strawberry pink!