About us

Who are Cute Tea Egg?

Born out of a love for cute and kawaii products and a fascination for East Asian culture, Cute Tea Egg is a company founded by two individuals from San Diego, California.

With a passion for cute and adorable products, our vision is to bring lesser known East Asian crafts to the forefront by distributing cute products that stand out and capture the heart, color, and life of East Asian culture.

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How did you get your name?

Cute Tea Egg was first realized when one the company founders explored Taiwan. She saw how the popular snack, the Tea Egg, was used in many pictures to demonstrate safety precautions, such as a Tea Egg wearing a seat belt on a taxi. She thought the tea egg was very cute and thus the mascot and company Cute Tea Egg was born.


What is CuteTeaEgg.com

Cute Tea Egg is an online store focused in cute gifts, plushies, stationaries, and accessories. We are based in San Diego and deliver all around the world. We are constantly updating our products to give our customers the cutest supplies!

Much of our products can't be bought elsewhere in the US and much be sourced directly from East Asian countries, such as Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong. Our supply stock are usually limited, so if you like something, it is best to get it quickly!